TYMO Productions

  Ty Moore has worked as a Producer/Videographer/Editor in television production for the past 30 years and he has been exposed in a wide variety of genres including the production of feature films, music videos, documentaries, commercials, news, sports, family and religious broadcasting, and military/science programming.

  Ty was born and raised in Schenectady, New York. There, in 1983 he started his television career when he was asked to operate a camera for his weekly Church service. In 1986, after High School graduation, he went on to study Television Production at the PTL Television Network founded by Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. During the following 10 years, Ty worked in various television stations in New York State in positions that included those of Videographer/Editor for WOCD Ch. 55 (Cornerstone TV), news & sports Videographer/Editor for WRGB Ch. 6 (CBS), and Producer/Editor for KENW Ch. 3PBS). (

  In 1990, Ty attended the Junior College of Albany and earned his Associates in Science degree in Public Relations. In 1992, he attended the College of Santa Fe in New Mexico to study film and in 1995 he earned his Bachelors of Science in Communications with a minor in Technical Theater at the Eastern New Mexico University. In 1997, he joined the Air National Guard where he learned Non-Linear editing on the AVID editing system and today continues as a Broadcast Journalist in the Air National Guard.

  Ty graduated from VIDEO SYMPHONY in the summer of 2006 and achieved the AVID Editing Certification. From there, he deployed to Southeast Asia for the Air Force and operated a Multimedia Center in the desert which earned him the Air Force Achievement Medal.

  He currently works as a Video Producer for the California Air National Guard in Port Hueneme, CA.


Videographer- Over 30 years in production as a professional cameraman and studio camera videotaping news, sports, music videos, documentaries, short programs, training videos, magazine programs, religious programming and short features.


Preditor (Producer, Writer, Editor) Worked Full-time for the CA Air National Guard producing news features. Develop stories, interview people, shoot video, write script, edit feature, perform voice over and distribution of final product for news features.